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Your Defence Against the Dark Side

Computer viruses, spyware, root kits, and other malware have all become a fact of life in the digital age.

We all know about them, but we tend to push the thought to the back of our mind – or blindly trust our anti-virus software – until something goes wrong…

Somewhat surprisingly, a solid anti-virus program isn’t your best defence, but it is an important part of keeping you safe online.

Let me explain …

There’s a constant game of “cat and mouse” being played between virus writers and anti-virus vendors.

Unfortunately, the creators of malware usually have an upper hand in that a new virus can spread around the world in minutes and hours – and yet for anti-virus protection to be effective against it, someone needs to realise that they have a new virus – they have to submit the infected file to an anti-virus vendor – who has to look at it – figure out what it does and how it does it – add a signature that detects it to their signature database – which they then have to publish – which your computer then has to download and install – and THEN you have protection against it.

Viruses can spread in minutes and hours, but virus protection can take days (or longer) to appear.

So, are you feeling lucky? Or would you like to do more to protect your computer against all that’s out there?

Or perhaps you suspect that something might have already infected your computer?

“Colin at Professional Computer Solutions Limited has been the IT man at Boysenberries New Zealand Ltd for so long that only he knows how the system truly operates! I have personally worked with Colin since 2010.

He is always available with support and advice at any time of the day and prompt in response.

He was my hero back in 2016 when I downloaded a virus email that locked most of our business files and programs. If not for Colin’s quick and accurate advice I would have lost them all. His dedication to getting our system back up and running led to him working throughout the night restoring backups and updating server data. His diligence in making sure we had a good backup system in place saved the day. Without the comprehensive backup system that Colin had initiated we would have been TOAST.

I have no hesitation in recommending Colin for all things IT – be they big or small; new or old. He has a wealth of knowledge in the IT business and has always been able to get us back in the game with the minimum amount of disruption possible.”


Why Choose Me?

Because when it comes to your treasured personal photos and sensitive business documents, you want an experienced professional who’ll stop at nothing to save your data


I work with the utmost care and diligence with your personal and confidential files


If it’s really urgent, the time of day or day of the week is irrelevant, I’ll be there to help you


No call centre, no receptionist, you call me, the technician, directly


I’ll do what it takes to get the job done, it’s as simple as that

Down to Earth

I’m approachable, friendly and will listen to your needs


I will draw your attention to any potential vulnerabilities to help avoid issues in future

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