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When is a Joke not a Joke?

I once heard a joke that went something like this: At the sunday church service, the preacher delivered a rousing sermon. The following week he delivered exactly the same sermon again. And he did the same thing for the next…

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Too Close For Comfort

Last week a new customer came into the workshop with a dead laptop; it was an easy fix - but while they were here he mentioned that his partner also had a dead laptop that contained about a decade of…

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Memory Lost

Yesterday I got this text from my partner: Being a family man I find things like this heart-breaking because it's just so unnecessary. So let's look at a few simple ways we can stop this happening to our precious memories.…

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Windows Updates: A Double-edged Sword

We now live in a world where some people will take advantage of us if we let them. From a computer perspective we need to give attention to 4 main areas to stay safe (in no particular order): Avoid risky…

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Too Easy

Captain's log - Sunday 23 May 2021 @ 9:21am. Received an eMail from a client who listens to and follows my backup advice; she'd accidentally deleted 20 or 30 slides from a critical businesses PowerPoint presentation. In the comfort of…

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