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Too Easy

Captain’s log – Sunday 23 May 2021 @ 9:21am. Received an eMail from a client who listens to and follows my backup advice; she’d accidentally deleted 20 or 30 slides from a critical businesses PowerPoint presentation. In the comfort of my dressing gown I was able to download a recent backup that I’d created, encrypted, and uploaded remotely to Google Cloud for her – decrypt it – access the missing file – connect to her machine remotely – and transfer her a copy of her file containing the missing slides … a mere 35 minutes later.

Having a solid/reliable backup meant that instead of (in her own words) “I would have been in such a panic” we now have (also in her own words): “no panic, just a bit inconvenient”. She also said she loved me (a common reaction to saving someone from a LOT of anxiety & extra work!) (which is nice … but the “record” is one lady who literally kissed my feet after recovering an accidentally deleted corportation payroll from a backup for her!)

There’s a simple message here: “Backups. Just do them.” They take seconds of your time to do – and frequently save weeks (or more) of work recreating lost data later on down the track (keeping in mind that if it’s not backed up then some data (like photos) can’t be recreated at all).

Backups; the perfect solution to a dire situation. Believe it!

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